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I love my Interstim! It has improved the quality of my life significantly. I developed incontinence/overactive bladder as a result of a hysterectomy several years ago. It was awful, embarrassing and I needed it to get it fixed. Working with Dr. Threatt, we tried a number of options including special exercises and different medications. I had varying results–none as good as I wanted. With the Interstim I am back with virtually the same bladder control I had prior to the hysterectomy. The placement was fairly easy and uncomplicated; usage is very easy, most of the time I forget I have it. I have not had complications, it has worked as promised. Now I get to whistle as I walk past the adult diaper section of the drug store! I highly recommend it without any reservations.


A woman who needs a urologist? Yes, sometimes we do and there is none better than Dr. Threatt. He listens to his patients, cares deeply for them and helps solve the problems you came to see him for. I see Dr. Threatt because my husband is also his patient. Those of us on the peninsula have a lot of really fine doctors to choose from and Dr. Threatt is at the top of the list. How good is he? Two of my other doctors see him–that says a great deal.

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I recently had kidney stones and needed to go to the emergency room at Sequoia Hospital because of extreme pain. After being sedated and the pain was under control I was fortunate that Dr. Chris Threatt was on call for consultation to discuss next steps. I wanted to give it a chance to pass on its own but the stone was too large and after waiting several weeks it simply did not.

After another visit with Dr. Threatt we decided to move forward with the procedure to break up the stones. He was very attentive to my concerns and took all the time needed to make me comfortable with the process. Everything went smoothly as expected. I highly recommend Dr. Threatt.


After a painful trip to Sequoia Hospital, I was referred to Dr. Chris B Threatt for follow up testing for a 6mm stone visualized in my left kidney. Not knowing what type of stone it was, he gave me many options for me to choose from in order to pass the stone. I really liked how he was working with me to make the best decisions for my healthcare. After a CT Scan and a KUB xray, we elected to try the Lithotripsy. One month later Dr. Threatt took a follow up xray to see my stone was not willing to depart from it’s resting place. We went ahead with a Ureteroscopy with Laser stone in June. My 6 mm stone was blasted into 1 – 2mm fragments that could easily pass through on their own. After a follow up KUB, it was noted I was stone free. I unfortunately had a calcium oxalate stone which was very stubborn to rid. I am very grateful for the compassionate care I received from Dr. Threatt. He even phoned me at home that night after my procedure to make sure I was comfortable. He takes great care of his patients. When I think about him, I think of that town doctor from the old days who took care of their patients like they were his own family. I would highly recommend anyone needing an Urologist to make a consultation with him. He will not disappoint.


My husband went to Chris Threatt on the recommendation of his general practitioner for an elevated PSA. It turned out to be prostate cancer, and because of the excellent work of Dr. Threatt and his partner, my husband received highly competent, appropriate care with a large dose of kindness and reassurance. He had a great outcome and is cancer free over two years later.

The practice is in the wealthy community of Atherton, but don’t be intimidated by the address. Dr. Threatt was respectful and never spoke down to us. He had a good sense of humor and knew how to put us at ease. The office staff is great. I agree with Rob, I hope you never have to see a urologist, but if you do, this is the guy to go to.

Everyone goes out of their way to make you feel you are the most important patient at the time and they do everything they can to solve your needs.

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